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Your campaign is classified a Beneficiary Fundraiser. Payments are split between you and your beneficiary based on your set percentage, learn more.

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Terms and Conditions

Funsidy, LLC

Terms of Use.

Effective September 29 2015.

Welcome to Funsidy

Welcome to the Funsidy Terms and Conditions (or “Agreement”). This Agreement describes the terms and conditions that govern your use of our services at (our "Site" or “Platform”). Before you may become a member of our Site it is your responsibility to read our terms, you must agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and Funsidy's policies, including its Privacy Policy (the "Policies") and agreeing to follow any other rules on the Site, like our Community Guidelines and rules for starting projects, reviewing a project, fundraising for a project, the general fund (or SidyFund), project score, types of users relationships and responsibilities, partner guidelines and forum. These terms and policies change from time to time, Funsidy  may amend the Terms at any time by posting a revised version of the Terms on our Services. Access to or continued use of the Services after the effective date of the revised Terms constitutes your acceptance of the revised Funsidy Terms.

Our Privacy Policies may be accessed here: Privacy Policy. Each time you use our services you confirm your agreement to be bound by and acknowledge any changes to the Agreement (including the Policies). You also undertake to familiarize yourself with and comply with the Policies relevant to your use of our Site and the services provided under this Agreement (as may be amended from time to time). As you read this Agreement, you should also access and read the information contained in the other pages and websites referred to in this Agreement.

By accepting this Agreement (including the Policies) you agree to be bound by it and also the User Agreements and posted terms and conditions on other websites operated by Funsidy and its related and affiliated companies, to the extent that you use those websites.

We may amend the terms and conditions of this Agreement from time to time. Amended terms will be posted on our Site. Except as stated in this Agreement, in a Policy, or as otherwise notified to you, all amended terms will automatically be effective immediately. Your continued use of the Service following the posting of any changes to the Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance of those changes. If you do not agree with such changes to this Agreement (or any of our Policies), you must terminate your membership with Funsidy. If, after any such changes to this Agreement or any of our Policies you continue to be a member of our Site, you will be considered by us to have accepted the varied terms as part of the Agreement.


In these Terms, we refer to those raising funds as "Project Owners" and to their fund raising campaigns as "Projects." We refer to those raising funds on behalf of someone else or an organization as "Fundraisers." We have two types of Fundraisers, 1. Primary Fundraiser. 2. Project Fundraiser. A primary fundraiser creates a project from the onset and begins to raise funds for someone else or organization. A project fundraiser duplicates and modifies an existing project with the mission to raise funds for the original project through his own project. We refer to those contributing funds as "Donors" and to the funds they contribute as "Donations." Fundraisers and Donors are referred to collectively as Supporters. Project Owners, Fundraisers, Donors and other visitors to the Services are referred to collectively as "Users."

Funsidy is the infrastructure that supports the community and a Service Provider.

Funsidy is an online crowdfunding service and maintains the infrastructure that supports the user community that allow members who comply with Funsidy's policies to collaborate as a whole or individually to offer, and donate value or experiences within a fixed-price format. Funsidy allows registered individuals, groups and organisations ("Project Creators" "Fundraisers") to list projects and raise funds through offering items, value, experiences and offering services ("Rewards") to new and existing Funsidy members ("Project Supporters", "Donors"). Funsidy also allows users to work together as one community in pooling funds together to support various other projects based on merit vetted by users.

Funsidy is not directly involved in the transaction between Project Creators and Project Supporters. As a result, Funsidy has no control over the quality, safety, morality or legality of any aspect of the offerings and claims listed, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of Project Creator to sell Rewards or the ability of Project Supporter to pay for Rewards. Funsidy cannot ensure that a Project Supporter or a Project Creator will actually complete a transaction. Consequently, Funsidy does not transfer legal ownership of Rewards or promises from the Project Supporter to the Project Creator. Users use the Services at their own risk.

Funsidy cannot guarantee the true identity, age, and nationality of a member.

You agree that Funsidy is the infrastructure that supports the user community and as such is not responsible or liable for any content, for example, data, text, information, graphics, images, photographs, profiles, audio, video, items, and links posted by you, other members, or outside parties on Funsidy. You use the Funsidy service at your own risk.

Eligibility to Use the Services

Users under 18 years of age are not eligible to use the Services without consent of a supervising adult over 18 years, provided such adult also agrees to be bound by the Terms and agrees to be responsible for such use of the Services. Users suspended from using the Services are not eligible to use the Services. Funsidy reserves the right to refuse use of the Services to anyone and to reject, cancel, interrupt, remove or suspend any Campaign, Contribution, or the Services at any time for any reason without liability.

Prohibited Campaigns

Anything Illegal is not allowed on Funsidy. If you can be prosecuted for claims of your project then don't post it on Funsidy.

What's Not Allowed On Funsidy

Sexually explicit material

Sexually suggestive material

Adult services or products

Pornography of any kind

Material relating to adult industry

Campaigns in defense of formal charges of heinous crimes, including violent, hateful, or sexual acts

Content associated with hate groups or terrorist organizations

Campaigns including inflammatory or accusatory statements

Underage consumption or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or narcotics

Drug abuse, products or paraphernalia

The illegal purchase or use of marijuana

Offering equity or return-on-investment

Pyramid or ponzi schemes, "get rich quick" schemes

Purchases of annuities, investments, equity or lottery contracts

Offshore banking or currency exchanges

Betting, gambling, raffles, or sweepstakes

Exchange of unrecognized or crypto-currencies

Offering monetary rewards, including gift cards

Non-medical or violent bodily mutilation

Non-prescribed drug use or purchase

Graphic content of injuries or procedures

Procedures conducted outside of an accredited medical institution

Directly funding an abortion (human or animal)

The purchase, transfer or production of non-FDA approved ingestiable or consumable products and services

Hurtful or hateful language

Violent or hateful material

Materials including bigotry, racism, sexism, or profanity

Supporting or inciting treasonous behavior

False, misleading, dishonest statements

Blood, gore, graphic material

Sorcery, unexplained sciences or absurd claims

Funding or planning an assassination, suicide, or assisted suicide

Ending the life of an animal

The purchase, transfer, or exchange of weapons of any kind including guns, knives, explosives and ammunition

Campaigns in support of rebel groups, militias, gangs, or any organized violence

We know that this list does not cover every questionable situation, Funsidy will always review questionable campaigns on a case-by-case basis and will take appropriate action where necessary.

To Protect the Integrity of the Funsidy System

Don’t try to interfere with the proper workings of the Services.

Don’t bypass any measures we’ve put in place to secure the Services.

Don’t try to damage or get unauthorized access to any system, data, password, or other information, whether it belongs to Funsidy or another party.

Don’t take any action that imposes an unreasonable load on our infrastructure, or on our third-party providers. (We reserve the right to determine what’s reasonable.)

Don’t use any kind of software or device (whether it’s manual or automated) to “crawl” or “spider” any part of the Site.

Don’t take apart or reverse engineer any aspect of Funsidy in an effort to access things like source code, underlying ideas, or algorithms.

To report a campaign that you believe violates the guidelines above, please contact us here

Creating an Account

Anyone who signs up for Funsidy, needs to be 18 years or older. You are responsible for your account and all activities associated with your account.

Anyone can browse the Funsidy websites without having to create an account. 1st time donors can donate to any project without having to create an account, just like a guest checkout. 1st time donors will automatically generate an account during the checkout process and all account information will be sent to 1st time donor’s email.

To be able to fully participate in the Funsidy community or use certain functions like review project, fundraiser on behalf of anyone or organization, to mention a few, you will need to create an account or activate your account as in the case of 1st time donors.

When you create an account the information you give us has to be accurate and complete. Do not impersonate anyone else or use names that are offensive or that violate anyone’s rights. If you don’t follow these rules, we may cancel your account.

You’re responsible for all the activity on your account, and for keeping your password confidential. If you find out that someone’s used your account without your permission, you should report it to

How Projects Work

Funsidy provides and maintains the infrastructure that runs the funding platform for projects to be hosted. When a creator posts a project on Funsidy, they are inviting other people to either donate or back a project, by doing so they are entering into a contract with them, by both parties been involved they are accepting creators and general community terms and forming a contract.

Funsidy is not part of this contract, the contract is between creators, donor/backer, fundraisers and freelancers.

Types of Users




A user can at anytime perform the role of any of the types of users listed above.

A creator is someone who creates or starts a project

A donor is someone who donates freely or supports a project financially for some type of reward or value .

A fundraiser is someone who starts a project on behalf of someone else or project for a percentage of proceeds or a fee.

All users owe each other a high standard of effort, honest communication and dedication to making the project a success. Users a solely responsible for fulfilling their promises. If they are are unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement they may be liable to legal action by affected users.

How funding Works

These are the terms that apply when you are donating or supporting a project.

You are charged immediately and all charges are non refundable. So please be careful and thoughtful before you make a donation or back a project. On like some crowdfunding websites, Funsidy allows creators to collect funds donated even if they don't reach their funding goal.

For Creators

Project creators receive their funds instantly less service and processing fees. Most projects also will qualify for extra funding from the Funsidy general fund (SidyFund), as long as they do not reach their funding goals and fall under all general funding guidelines, Read More About Funsidy General Fund.

For Fundraisers

Fundraisers on Funsidy, fundraising on behalf of someone else or an organisation get a percentage of funds raised paid to their accounts less service and processing fees. Project creators have the option to set their fundraiser fees or percentage as commission, project creators have the option to set this feature off for their projects. In a situation where this feature is left on and the project creator does not set a percentage for fundraisers, Funsidy sets the fee at 20%. This is subject to change. Fundraiser should refer to each project for fee guidance for fundraiser commission percentage.

For Donors

All donations made on funsidy are non refundable, please be careful when donating to any project on Funsidy. In a situation where there is a payment issue or error with donations to a particular project, Funsidy and our payment partners will try to resolve the issues to the best of our ability, if such continue we will direct all donations to the general fund (Sidyfund). This will then be used to fund various other projects on our site. 


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Funsidy, LLC , the website, it employees, agents from and against  any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys fees, cost and disbursements, arising out of your use of the Web site, including but not limited to, out of your violation of any representation or warranty contained in these Terms and Conditions. In the event of a claim such as one described in this paragraph, we may elect to settle with the party/parties making the claim, and you shall be liable for the damages as though we had proceeded with a trial.

We take these very serious, we make it clear that Funsidy does not oversee projects, the ratings and reviews are solely that of other users of the Funsidy website. We offer no guarantees and we are not liable for any damages or losses related to your use of the service. When you use Funsidy services your release Funsidy from all claims, damages and demands of every kind, known and unknown. You use our service at your our risk, you are solely responsible for any resulting damage or loss to you or any party. We have been adequately been advised.

Refund Policy

Funsidy will not provide refund on any transactions made on our platform.

Our Fees

To keep it very simple we charge 5% in addition to any fees from our payment partners.

Creating an account on Funsidy is free for individuals. We currently do not offer organisation accounts.

Fee breakdown for our 5% of every dollar.

2.5% goes to the general fund that is used to fund other projects chosen by users like you. The other 2.5% goes to Funsidy for service and maintenance fees

Payment Processing Partners

Our payment processing partners fees will vary depending on your location and what partner we use to process your donations. Generally it will be 2.9%  + 30c per transaction.

Fundraisers fees

Every project creator sets their own commission they are willing to pay potential Fundraisers. When such instruction is unattended to and the project creator leaves his fundraiser tools on, then Funsidy allows fundraisers 20% of funds they raised on behalf of others or an organization less service fees and payment processing fees.

All fees are deducted from each transaction automatically so you're never billed for anything.   

Funsidy is not the same company as, WePay, or FirstGiving and their fees and commissions are subject to change without notice from us.

Tax & Legal Representations

You’re responsible for paying any additional fees or taxes associated with your use of Funsidy.

As a condition of using our service, you represent to us that:

(a) If residing in the US, you are a person who is not a non-profit organization or charity as defined by the Internal Revenue Service; Note: Non-Profits & Charities should refer available for listing in Funsidy charity database, In the nearest future.

(b) The funds you obtain through the methods on our website will be used solely for the purposes described in the materials that you post;

(c) You will comply with all relevant local, state, and federal laws applicable to you when you solicit funds, particularly but not limited to the laws relating to your marketing and solicitation for your project.

Intellectual Property For Users

Funsidy doesn’t own content you submit to us (your “Content”). But we do need certain licenses from you in order to perform our Services. When you submit a project for review, or launch a project, you agree to these terms:

We can use the content you’ve submitted. You grant to us, and others acting on our behalf, the worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub license-able, transferable right to use, exercise, commercialize, and exploit the copyright, publicity, trademark, and database rights with respect to your Content.

When we use the content, we can make changes, like editing or translating it. You grant us the right to edit, modify, reformat, excerpt, delete, or translate any of your Content.

You won’t submit content you don’t hold the copyright for (unless you have permission). Your Content will not contain third-party copyrighted material, or material that is subject to other third-party proprietary rights, unless you have permission from the rightful owner of the material, or you are otherwise legally entitled to post the material (and to grant Funsidy  all the license rights outlined here).

Any royalties or licensing on your Content are your responsibility. You will pay all royalties and other amounts owed to any person or entity based on your Content, or on Funsidy’s hosting of that Content.

You promise that if we use your Content, we’re not violating anyone’s rights or copyrights. If Funsidy  or its users exploit or make use of your submission in the ways contemplated in this agreement, you promise that this will not infringe or violate the rights of any third party, including (without limitation) any privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights, or any other intellectual property or proprietary rights.

You’re responsible for the content you post. All information submitted to the Site, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person from whom that content originated.

We’re not responsible for mistakes in your content. Funsidy  will not be liable for any errors or omissions in any content.

Funsidy’s Intellectual Property

Please be warned the entire website process is Patent Pending

The content on Funsidy is protected in various ways. You do have the right to use it for certain personal purposes, but you can’t use it for anything commercial without getting permission first.

Funsidy’s Services and funding process are legally protected in various ways, including Pending Patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, trade secrets, and other rights and laws. You agree to respect all copyright and other legal notices, information, and restrictions contained in any content accessed through the Site. You also agree not to change, translate, or otherwise create derivative works of the Service.

Funsidy grants you a license to reproduce content from the Services for personal use only. This license covers both Funsidy’s own protected content and user-generated content on the Site. (This license is worldwide, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable.) If you want to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, or store any of this content for a commercial purpose, you need prior written permission from Funsidy or the relevant copyright holder. A “commercial purpose” means you intend to use, sell, license, rent, or otherwise exploit content for commercial use, in any way.

Copyright Infringement

Funsidy complies with the DMCA, and we respond to notices of alleged infringement if they comply with the law and the requirements set forth in our copyright policy. We reserve the right to delete or disable content alleged to be infringing, and to terminate accounts for repeat infringement.

If you like to submit a claim email us at

Deleting Account

You can delete your account at any time, we reserve all rights to content prior to deletion. Contact support with any deletion issues.

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