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Success Of One Is The Success For All

"We believe in the basic principles of crowdfunding, where the success of one is the success for all"

As a funding community the tide should lifts us all, creating an effective funding arena. Where everyone chips in including Funsidy, to make it possible we have the most successful campaigns.

Our generous world deserves better ways to effectively manage our collective social participation. Funsidy has taken the 1st steps in the right direction, to unleashing endless possibilities. A world where we can collectively decided effectively. Everyone's voice zipped into one folder is a powerful voice.

Funsidy is the new way to crowdfund for everything.

An exciting place to start your campaign, raise and fund-raise for everything legal. Our ideas create a monstrous funding machine, that will change the way we crowdfund. Funsidy is an online fundraising website, that helps individuals and organizations raise money. While Funsidy caters to almost any type of fund raising effort, Funsidy separates itself from the rest of the crowdfunding platforms by offering our patent pending process of helping the majority of our fundraisers achieve their goals.

We believe in a rising tide lifts all boats, the success of one project should rub off on the community as a whole, these are the basics, the fundamental roots of crowdfunding, everyone in their little way is part of the greater success of the funding community as a whole.

The Funsidy idea was created to fill a huge void in the fundraising process. Besides being an online project funding destination, Funsidy tries to solve the shortfalls for underfunded projects. Whether it be project presentation quality, project exposure, or other funding deficiencies, Funsidy provides the tools and environment to meet that need.

What sets us apart from other crowdfunding sites?

Sidyfund (General fund)

Project reviews / SidyScore

Fundraisers benefit from helping others


Funsidy funds projects via what we call the Sidyfund. Everyone hears about fundraising success stories and how great ideas get funded. What no one talks about is the noteworthy projects that fail to meet their goals due to various reason beyond the control of their creators.

Funsidy knows just how discouraging it can be sometimes for these project creators. So here is what Funsidy has set out to do.

We have created the SidyFund.

A percentage of all funding from the Funsidy website will go towards Sidyfund  . At the end of each quarter Funsidy members will select noteworthy projects and Sidyfund donates funds to help each project selected reach their funding goal.

We use our patented SidyScore and user rating system, to pre qualify projects for funding. At the end of the day, It is you, the Funsidy site user, who decides which projects get to be funded.

Project Reviews

The project review is a quick easy glance of how Sidy community view the project. Every registered user on Funsidy can review any and all campaigns or projects. We encourage everyone to review projects on Funsidy. This helps educate other users as well as project owners on how the project is viewed. The project  review is part of our scoring system which ultimately determines our patent pending SidyScore.


A SidyScore is a simple formula that has been designed by Funsidy and is awarded to every single project. Simply think of it as the credit score of each project on Funsidy.

The SidyScore of every project will to change from time to time, depending on various factors.

The factors we use in our SidyScore calculations;

Project reviews

Social shares count (facebook, twitter, emails, and on)

Project goals (target amount for the project)

Length of project (in this case 90 days)

Project updates

Social verification

We combine these factors for each individual project on Funsidy to come up with a score for each project.

Breakdown of Sidy scoring factors

Project Reviews

These are reviews given by registered users. Users can rate any project with a five star rating system.

Social Shares Count

Social count will include the total number of:

facebook shares- user shared the project on facebook

twitter shares- user shared the project  on twitter

email shares-  user shared the project  via email

Basically we try to get a sense of the popularity of each project.

Project Goals

Each project has a target amount of funds to raise to reach the goal set by the project owner. The closer the project gets to that goal, the higher your Sidyscore.

Length of project

On Funsidy projects run by default for 30 days, users have the option to extend the project each month. Every  days will affect the score positively. The longer your projects runs the better your score. 

Project Updates

Every time a project owner post updates to their projects, it improves their project score.

Social Verification

Simply verifying your  identification on various social networks improves your SidyScore.

We allow users to fund-raise for existing projects.

This is beneficial, not only to the project  owner but also the fundraiser and Funsidy community.

How is this helping me the project  owner?

Allowing users to create a fundraiser helps the project  owner by cutting back duplicate projects for the same cause, making it possible for the project to maximize its full earning potential on Funsidy. A fundraiser also brings a new network of donors that may not have been reached by the original project owner.

How is this helping me as a fundraiser?

By becoming a fundraiser, you not only get to help out your favorite projects, you also get rewarded for doing so. The fundraiser gets a commission of any funds you raise for any and all projects you chose.  

The remaining part of the funds go directly to the project  you are fundraising for.

How is this helping we the people of Funsidy?

It helps to reduce fraud, because duplicate projects are frowned upon on Funsidy.

It helps project creators reach out to more donors via the user network and efforts of the fundraiser.

It brings more funds to the Funsidy Project, which in turn helps more users who don't reach their goals.

It brings more traffic to the site which helps with exposure and more potential donors.

Whats in It for the Donors?

Without the generous kindness of donors no funding process can be successful, we are working on a lot of ideas that will be beneficial to donors on Funsidy. We are keeping score for when the dust settles. Our developers are hard at work building the infrastructure for our patent pending donor rewards program, but we believe it should be more than some tee shirt or ticket to something.

We have a patent pending rewards program that we believe will revolutionize our social participation, but we can let the cat out the bag yet. So here is what we do for now, till the storm is over.  $1 equals 1 Sidypoint, every time you donate your points keep adding up on your profile, these points are the building blocks of the donor system.

Also your points will also allow you to graduate to different levels of project reviewing power. The more points you get the greater weight your reviews are on Funsidy. You are the selection committee for the fund, so the more donations you give pushes you higher the ladder of the selection food chain. Your view helps the system decides who gets what.

Our Mission is simple

Help majority of our project creators achieve their funding goals.

We are so excited about the future of our process and systems. Join us and together we would revolutionize the crowdfunding community.

Start a Funsidy project today.

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